Intercept Youth Services

Intercept Youth Services

Since 1996, Intercept Youth Services has been a leader in innovation and delivering high-quality treatment options producing exceptional outcomes for at-risk youth and their families. Parents, families, and professionals know they can rely on Intercept to deliver the best support in foster care, to promote our children and youth achieving permanency. At Intercept we believe that providing the best support to foster parents will enable parents to make a lasting positive impact in the life of their foster child.

What is Treatment Foster Care?

Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) is a specialized program that works with foster children who require additional support, due to emotional and behavioral difficulties or may be medically fragile. Foster Families receive initial and ongoing training to better understand the needs of these remarkable children.

Why do Children need Foster Families?

  •  Documented child abuse or neglect
  •  Mental or emotional disorders
  •  Abandonment
  •  Parents are incarcerated
  •  Truancy
  •  Death of parents
  •  Voluntarily placed by parents
  •  Runaways
  •  Juvenile offender 

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